A. Lange Sohen Replica Watches When The Blue Moon Reappears

In front of Andreas Cellarius's famous star map, harmony macrocosmic, five fake watches models with moon phase display are displayed. Replica watch refers to the second full moon in a specific calendar month, which happens every two and a half years on average. For simplicity, most mechanical phase displays reduce the time between the two new moons to 29.5 days, 44 minutes and 3 seconds less than the actual time, so these displays must be corrected for one day when the "blue moon" appears.

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Two-sided charming, fake watch with track moon phase display, on the star map of Andreas Cellarius Terrarium trajectory phase display is a new masterpiece in the field of precision tabulation, Watches Reviews: Boldr Globetrotter prototype a precise and incomparable device to depict the changing position of the moon's trajectory relative to the earth and the sun

The watch replica lunar phase wristwatch is more accurate, and the accuracy rate of most models is as high as 99.998%. One of them is the new replica Uhr, which shows that it needs to be calibrated every 122.6 years, while Langer's product R & D personnel have to improve the accuracy. This year's Richard Lange perpetual calendar "terra luna" trajectory phase shows that it only has one day's error every 1058 years, and shows the position of the moon relative to the earth and the sun.

The moon is the focus of replica horloges, and the hour and minute circles show the rich details of the moon's profit and loss. Replica watch is very similar to Andreas Cellarius's well-known theory before the 17th century, which means that the moon moves on a small circular track (this wheel) and then rotates around the earth along an eccentric path. For more information, please see http://www.amazewatches.com/category/best-replica-watches/. replica watches combine the superior catch-up stopwatch and precise perpetual calendar

Lange watch factory has successfully developed 15 movements with moon phase display since 1994. Five of the existing series of high-precision wristwatches are equipped with this device and other complex functions, and are specially photographed in front of the charming star map "harmonious universe." This map was drawn in 1660 by Andreas Cellarius, a Dutch mathematician and cartographer born in Germany. This background highlights the close relationship between astronomy and watchmaking. When making watches with astronomical complex devices, watchmakers try their best to imitate the actual shape of celestial bodies and strive for accuracy.

Fake watches aim to arrange different displays clearly and harmoniously

Replica watches ingeniously integrates the flyback clock and the perpetual calendar. The background pattern is the Ptolemaic system drawn by Andreas Cellarius, which mirrors the complicated devices recording the present and the permanent time of watches.

From today's point of view, Andreas Cellarius's rich mapping clearly illustrates the fundamental changes in the world observed by human beings in the past two thousand years, that is, from Ptolemy's geocentric theory that the earth is located in the center of the universe, to the method of cosmic expansion.